Universal dimmer - RFDEL-71B /230 V

Product code (SKU): 4994
The universal modular dimmer is used to regulate all light sources (R, L, C, ESL, LED).




  • 6 lighting functions – continuous start or return with time setting range of 2s-30min.
  • When it turns off the set level is stored in memory and after switching ON it returns to the last set value.
  • Setting min. brightness by potentiometer on the front of the device eliminates fl ashing of various types of light sources.


Technical description

  • Universal dimmer can be controlled by up to 25 channels (1 channel represents one button on the controller).
  • By installing the actuator under an existing button, you have the option of further control of lighting using RF Control wireless transmitters or the RF Touch touch screen unit.

Advanced mode control allows you to combine with:
a)    Control and system units of iNELS RF Control.
b)    Connection to iNELS BUS
c)    The existing button in the installation.

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