Starting KIT "Smart Home" - „Underfloor heating with actuators“

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Starting KIT "Smart Home" - „Underfloor heating with actuators“

With our „Underfloor heating with actuators“ kit, you can optimize your heating costs and achieve better climate control. By automating the heating, you will be able to control up to 6 circuits (zones) according to the temperature you set or according to the hourly schedule you have entered. With the help of the system, you will be able to manage heating by remote mobile application and turn on / off heating in your villa / house before arrival. For better climate control, an additional thermoregulator can be added to each room.

    Our of our starting kits include:
  • Ability to upgrade, add or remove devices.
  • No need for repairs, wall demolition or else!
  • Free system programming.
  • Free consultation and installation help.
  • Free mobile app with bulgarian or english interface with unlimited user count .
  • Free support during the first year (maintenance contract).
  • Free delivery to a suitable for you address.
  • European product, manufactured in Czech Republic with 5 years warrancy.
  • Ability to make a free individual offer according to your home and wishes.

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Why choose the iNELS Smart Home system?

To have a real Smart Home, you do not only need sensors and devices to manage your home. You need a system that can manage everything in your own home according to your wishes. A system that can be upgraded at any time without the need for repairs. The true Smart Home takes care of you and your comfort. What are our advantages? – flexibility, mobility, energy saving, programming, no need for repairs, ability to create scenes, imitating presence, security, design and upgrade at any time. Most of our competitors offer partial automation of a small part of your household while we have a fully completed system with full control and access. Our system is innovative, offering great capabilities and home automation solutions - Smart Home. Some of them are:

  • 1. "Smart Home" KITS - The smart home packages we offer are not the standard plug and play devices, and give rise to a real, professional smart home. The modules and relays we offer can control appliances, blinds and awnings, electric motors, actuators and all kinds of lighting, all of which are visualized in one application and the elements "speak" with each other and have the opportunity to create different scenes, at the request of the user.
  • 2. The relays are small in size and built into almost every electric appliance, luminaire, installation or console box. We have relays operating at 12-24V, 110V, 220V, 0-10V and for any power consuming device.
  • 3. Only our system can make every classic switch - SMART, without having to have a third wire (zero) next to the switch console. You can save your standard switches that you like very much, but they become SMART.
  • 4. All the capabilities of our system are managed by one application in English/Bulgarian. Control of heating, lighting, electrical appliances, room thermostats, blinds, awnings, curtains, flood sensors, smoke sensors and the vast possibilities of our system with just one mobile application.
  • 5. Our management software is constantly up and running, with no danger of one day stopping it from being supported, as is the case with Chinese "plug and play" devices.
  • 6. Our systems are with an official representative for Bulgaria and a growing distribution network, which guarantees reliable maintenance of problems.
  • 7.  Buying an iNELS Smart Home system, you choose a European product with a 5 year warranty. You do not want your most expensive - your home - to be in the hands of poor technique from the East?
  • 8. The iNELS Smart Home system is more secure than any other. Each connection is encrypted and the central drive has a unique username and password for Cloud access.
  • 9. We have a central device that is not affected by a stopover of the Internet to manage your smart home. Many Chinese systems are completely dependent on the router and if it stops working, you lose control over your smart home, and with our system you are protected from it.
The smart home iNELS offers so many opportunities, and if you trust us, you will be sure.

For a FREE home review and offer, you can contact us via the form below or the following contacts.

Dear clients,

The offer is an example and it is possible to change according to your preference. Some components can be removed and new ones also can be added. The system allows upgrade at any time after the initial installation.

For a specific offer and free review of the project, please contact us by filling in the form below or the listed contacts.

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