Glass wall touch controller GSB3-80 /White

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8 - channel glass wall touch controller


  • The wall controller with touch controls series GSB3 is a design element (controller) in the system iNELS with elegant and comfortable control.
  • Two-colored indication LED, located in each position of controller, can signal status of a controlled appliance, as well as the status of any sensor or actuator in the system.
  • Controllers are 4-channels (GSB3-40), 6-channels (GSB3-60) and 8-channels (GSB3-80), but currently our department of research and development is working on other variants of controllers with other graphic changes and for RGB controlling.
  • All versions are in the same dimension as a basic modular wall-switch (94x94 mm), in design LOGUS90.
  • Each controller is equipped with a thermo sensor. It is equipped with two analog digital inputs (AIN / DIN), and it is possible to connect two potentialless contact or an external temperature sensor TC / TZ. (for example on floor temperature measurement).
  • The main advantages against the standard buttons/switches are space saving and comfort control.
  • Advantages over conventional switches/buttons include space saving, signaling of any output system, the ability to measure temperature and also the ability to connect external buttons or detectors.
  • Each channel (button) can control any actuator (appliance) in the system. It is also possible to program various functions or fuction macro (set of functions) to each button.This allows you to control several appliances with one button simultaneously.

Each button (channel) can have different functional modes beside lighting control:

Technical description

  • upper button ON, bottom button OFF

a) Classic wall-switch:

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