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Solution for Office - healthier and more efficient workplace

Effective lighting control in office space plays an important role. As with other areas, the main goal is to achieve maximum comfort in the most efficient way possible.

The employee comes to work, logs on with his ID card, and adapts the lighting atmosphere to his requirements and current outdoor lighting conditions at his workplace.

Does it sound too futuristic? Nowadays, the control of a constant level of associated lighting, where the intensity of artificial lighting is adjusted on the basis of contributions from the natural illumination penetrating the window, is a standard task set on almost every reconstruction and construction of new premises. Together with shading and shielding, optimal light and thermal comfort can achieved two important aspects of employee satisfaction with energy-efficient operation.

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Why make a Smart Home?

"Smart Home" is a technology, also known as home automation, providing homeowners with security, comfort, convenience and energy saving by enabling them to control intelligent devices by using their smartphone or other network device. Part of the IoT, Smart Home Systems and devices often work together, sharing consumption data among themselves, and automating actions based on owner preferences.



Provides your peace of mind even if you are out of your home or on vacation.


Quick installation

There is no need for re-building and re-wiring with the RF wireless system.


Energy savings

Cost optimization and return on investment.

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