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To control electronic ballasts DALI and receivers DMX


  • EMDC-64M allows you to control up to 64 independent electronic ballasts DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) for fluorescent, LED and other lamps.
  • EMDC-64M allows the connection of up to 32 receivers DMX (Digital Multiplex) in one segment. When using repeaters, it can control up to 64 devices.
  • Control is possible from the iNELS BUS System via the system bus EBM or from the RF Control wireless transmitters. Selection of control (RF/EBM ) and controlled (DALI/DMX) interface is done via DIP switches on the front panel of the unit.
  • When used in the context of bus wiring (interface EBM) it is set using the IDM software.
  • Unit EMDC - 64M is powered by 230 V AC.
  • DALI bus is powered directly through the unit EMDC - 64M.
  • In the event that this is the last unit on the system bus EBM, it is necessary to use a termination resistor having a nominal resistance value of 120Ω.
  • DMX bus must be terminated at its end resistor with a nominal resistance value of 120Ω. Bus termination DMX -side EMDC - 64M is already implemented inside the unit.
  • Two members of the nominal resistance value of 120Ω adapted for easy insertion to the terminals come with the package. To end the system bus EBM, a member is inserted between the terminals EBM+ and EBM- on last unit on the bus. To end DMX bus termination is performed on the terminals of the last receiver (slave unit) e.g. DCDA-33M/RGB.
  • PRG button and MINI USB connector on the front panel are used to set up communication with the transmitter RF Control.
  • EMDC-64M in 3 module is designed for panel mounting on DIN rail EN60715.


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