Air quality sensor (CO2) - AirQS-100L

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Air quality sensor (CO2)


  • Monitor the volume of CO2 in the air. Higher concentrations of CO2 can cause drowsiness, headache, or worse ability to concentrate.
  • It also informs you of the actual temperature and humidity in the area.
  • The status of the individual alarms is sent to your smartphone as a notification or information in the application, as well as to the Cloud Storage where you have a complete overview and the ability to view the history for each device.
  • Low battery indications are displayed in your smartphone or in the Cloud storage application.
  • For proper operation and data collection from the sensor, you must register with ELKO EP Cloud Storage (www.elkoep.cloud) and activate a subscription at the LORA site.

Technical description

  • Power voltage 12 - 240 V AC / DC.
  • The LORA network is used to transmit alarms from the detector using the 868 MHz frequency band.
  • Range up to 50 km (depending on current LORA network coverage).

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