Wireless contact converter - RFSG-1M /24V

Product code (SKU): 5338
Wireless contact converter is suitable for the transfer of information on switching low/high tariff




  • Thanks to the network supply it is mostly intended for frequent signal transmission to control appliances, devices etc.
  • The possibility to set scenes - by one touch you can control more iNELS RF Control units.
  • In case of mounting this controller into a metal switchboard, use an external antenna AN-E to improve signal transfer.
  • “TEST” button on the controller used for assignment to the switching unit.
  • When connected to input terminals S - S, it periodically transmits the “switch on” signal at 10-minute intervals.

Technical description

  • Power supply 24 V.
  • Range up to 160 m (free open space), in the case of insufficient signal between controller and unit, please use the signal repeater - RFRP-20.
  • Communication frequency 868 MHz with two-ways protocol iNELS RF Control.
  • 1 module design with the possibility to be mounted into a switchboard.

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