4-channel controller - keychain - BLACK

Product code (SKU): 8075
Keychain is used to control switchers and dimmers (lights, gates, shutters...)




  • 4 buttons allow you to control four units independently of each other.
  • Based on an impulse (pressing a button), these switches can send a radio signal with information to the receiver.
  • The possibility to set scenes - by one touch you can control more iNELS RF Control units..
  • Designed in white and black with laser printing.

Technical description

  • Battery-powered (3V/CR2032), battery life is about 5 years, depending on the frequency of use.
  • Range up to 200 m (free open space), in the case of insufficient signal between controller and unit, please use the signal repeater - RFRP-20.
  • Communication frequency (868MHz, 866MHz, 916MHz, 922MHz) with 2-way protocol RFIO or RFIO2.
  • RFIO2 is an innovative iNELS RF Control wireless communication protocol, which brings you greater stability and eliminates signal collision between individual components.

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